Recruitment of key account managers

Date:2022-1-7     Category:JOIN US

Job description

1. According to the company's deployment, develop large customers in one of the following key industries (pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, coatings) to sell solvent products.

2. Responsible for the development and management of specific agents, formulating and supervising the implementation of key account action plans, and conducting performance appraisal and import and export of agents.

3. Maintain and manage customer relationships on behalf of the company, and build a knowledge map of customers and industries.

4. Responsible for the management of the sales process of key accounts, from order to payment.

5. Collect customer needs and provide suggestions for company operations and technology development.

6. The development route of this position is sales engineer-key account manager-product manager / department director

Job requirements

1. 1-3 years of work experience are required. R&D and production experience in chemicals, coatings, and pharmaceuticals is preferred.

2. College degree or above in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, biomedicine, science, engineering or marketing.

3. Like interpersonal communication, firmly believe that you can win the trust and support of customers through your own knowledge and hard work, can withstand a certain amount of pressure, and be enterprising.



If you are interested, please send your detailed resume to the company's mailbox.