Application of High Purity Acetonitrile in Semiconductor Industry

Date:2021-7-9     Category:Industry News

Traditional semiconductor cleaning agents have always used hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide, toluene, etc. These agents have strong corrosion effects, low cleaning efficiency, and poor results. Since acetonitrile is a highly polar organic solvent, it has good solubility in grease, inorganic salts and polymer compounds, and can clean grease, wax, fingerprints, corrosives and flux residues on the silicon wafer. So began to use high-purity acetonitrile as a semiconductor cleaning agent.

High-purity methanol and high-purity acetonitrile are the most widely used and most typical high-purity solvent products. High-purity methanol has a large number of applications in many industrial fields such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, biochemicals, fine chemicals, food, etc. It is mainly used as the mobile phase of high-performance liquid chromatography for chemical precision instruments and as a cleaning agent in the electronics industry. High-purity acetonitrile is a very strong organic solvent. It has good solubility in grease, inorganic salts and polymer compounds. It can clean grease, wax, fingerprints, inorganic salts, corrosive agents and flux residues on silicon wafers. Therefore, it is widely used as a semiconductor cleaning agent.

In recent years, with the rapid development of downstream industries such as medicine, microelectronics, bioengineering, and precision instruments, high-purity solvents such as high-purity methanol and high-purity acetonitrile have become more and more popular among downstream users, and market demand has continued to increase. According to the "Market Monitoring and Future Development Prospects Research Report of China's High Purity Solvent Industry in 2020-2024" released by the New Sijie Industry Research Center, the domestic high-purity solvent market has reached 6.2 billion yuan, of which high-purity methanol and acetonitrile together account for About 60%. It is expected that in the future, with the continuous development of my country's high-tech industry, the market demand for high-purity solvents will continue to grow.

At present, the global high-purity solvent industry is mainly concentrated in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. Well-known companies include Merck in Germany, Thermo Fisher and Honeywell in the United States. my country’s high-purity solvent industry started in the 1970s and developed relatively late compared to foreign countries. After more than 40 years of research and development, many progresses have been made, and Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd. have been formed. , Shanghai Aladdin Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise represented. With the continuous development of the industry, the competition among domestic high-purity solvent companies has become increasingly fierce. Some companies with strong capital and technical strength and core competitiveness continue to consolidate and strengthen their market positions. However, due to the small overall scale of domestic enterprises, relatively weak basic research and industrial foundations, and weak independent innovation capabilities, the domestic product varieties are single, low-end products, and poor stability, which inhibits the healthy development of the domestic high-purity solvent industry, leading to domestic The high-purity solvent market is highly dependent on external sources.