Product summary
Packing specification:
220 kg/iron drum or bulk water

Product Details

EGDA (Ethylene Glycol Diacetate) is a new generation of high boiling point environmentally friendly solvent launched by ZHONGHUI Chemical. It has the advantages of narrow distillation range, stable composition, stronger dissolving power and pleasant smell.

· Applications:

  EGDA is mainly used in clean odor coatings, outdoor inkjets, PCB circuit board inks, electronic inks, water glass curing agents, water-based adhesives and casting organic ester curing agents.It is a good solvent for woodware, coiled materials, printing iron, automotive baking coatings, grinding color pastes, excellent solvents for resin synthesis, insulating paints, acrylic coatings, raw materials for leather brighteners, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural products, organic synthesis intermediates, cigarette holder fibers Vegetarian bonding solvent. Used as cleaning agent, paint remover, casting adhesive, flux in the electronics industry, etc.

· Packing specification:

  220 kg/iron drum or bulk water

· Technical Index


Colorless transparent liquid

Ester content %


Acid Value (mg KOH/g)


Boiling range ()


Relative density

1.09 (20℃)

Water content %




Flash point (open cup)


· Product features

1. It contains a light aromatic ester smell, which is very suitable for clean smell coatings.
2. The purity is above 95%, the impurity content is very small, the distillation range is stable, and it can be used in winter.
3. Non-toxic, non-flammable and safe to use.
4. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly products that replace BGA, DBE, EEP, IBIB, PMA, DMA and other solvents.